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Seamoss The Boss LLC

Irish Sea Moss Capsules With Heart And Bone Support

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6 total reviews

Two capsules a day, boosts your energy right away! Save time, preparation and taste!

Has powerful minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and protein!

60 capsules of Irish Moss Powder, two a day, for a 30-day supply. It is literally health and wellness in a bottle. You get a great amount of 650 mg per serving. 

The Irish Moss capsules are entirely vegetarian capsules. Kosher friendly and plant derived. No gelatin was used. 

Unlike the phenomenal sea moss gel, which refrigerated life is 3-4 weeks. The capsules can be easily stored and will last longer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
sylvia wilson

Would love to tell you the benefits but I haven't got my package yet been waiting 7days so I think it sucka.

Kawan Smith
Tastes great

Seamoss the boss and team thank you! It taste so great I literally opened the box & took my first scoop I’ll def will purchase again.💪🏽


I’ve been looking for awhile for seamoss in this form but did not know where it came from until I did my research on this website and I am impressed with everything from the packaging, the time, and the taste of it. I know seamoss makes you feel better and this in capsule form is just that! Highly would recommend!

convenient for sure

the capsules are good but not a great as the seamoss gel. the capsules have the same effect but just a little lower compared to the gel. overall a good product, if you are starting to get into seamoss i’ll say start on the capsules first for beginners.

Aliyah Hakim-EL
Excellent Products!

I am soo happy with my purchase. Shipping was very fast!

Taking sea moss daily has restored my energy throughout the day and has helped to improve my mood. I’ve also noticed my skin has become more clear! I will certainly be ordering again.

Based on 242 reviews
Didnt receive package

Did not receive item.

Great product !

8oz Wildcraft Sea Moss Gel
Michelle Barefield
Great product

Great product I can really tell an improvement in my body


Never received my order. Tracking label was made but package never arrived at the post office. I placed order on January 10th and it's January 30th now. I initially was giving sea moss the boss time because he's been on time on past orders. I only became concerned when I received an email asking for a review tonight.

Haven’t received my order yet

I still haven’t received my order. I’m excited to try it. Hopefully once I get it, I’ll be able to do another review, and it will be worth the wait.

Never received order

I've been trying to get in contact with you all about my order. I've sent countless messages on all platforms with no contact back

I never got my order, no update or nothing and it's been over 2 weeks

Sea moss is the best thing for you

Great and powerful product 100

Very unsatisfied

I paid for a product I still haven’t received and I keep getting tha run around about receiving my order, I will NEVER shop with this company again or recommend their product to anyone poor customer service‼️ there’s no way I should be waiting almost two months for one order

8oz Wildcraft Sea Moss Gel
Alexandre Joseph

Needed this seamoss foreal! Great delivery time and packaged well. Definitely ordering some more soon!


Great product and the delivery was really fast. Cant wait to order some more after I finish this one


Don't know yet. Just got it today.

Order never received

Order was never shipped. Ups is showing a label was created but has not received order

Would love to tell you the benefits but I haven't got my package yet been waiting 7days so I think it sucka.

Expectations Exceeded!

After spending my time doing careful research I stumbled upon the widely trusted products from seamosstheboss! I am more than satisfied with my purchase!! This product was of great quality and not only that but the support team was very responsive and provided me with all the assistance I needed!! Thank you Seamoss Boss 11/10!! #supportblack

To soon to know.

Broken Jar

The jar was shattered when I received it in the mail.

Review on product

I hav no opinion on this because I just started using this , you need to ask later

First time using seamoss gel.

I’ve been using it for a few days, I’ve been making berry smoothies and adding a tablespoon of the gel. After finishing the smoothie , I felt energized. I didn’t have hunger craving like I normally do. Im loving the experience I will be buying more

Tastes great

Seamoss the boss and team thank you! It taste so great I literally opened the box & took my first scoop I’ll def will purchase again.💪🏽


Loved taking these ginger capsules! Gave me a great boost of energy and better overall bloodflow throughout the body. Not to mention it almost worked as a pre-workout before i went to the gym! Will definitely be ordering some more!

Seamoss the Boss products are great!

I had issues with with package delivery, and Seamoss the boss did the best with communicating and making sure my product got to the right location. I would definitely order from this business again!!

8oz Wildcraft Sea Moss Gel
Vanneshia Peacock
So Excited!

I have not been consistent with using it, so it is too early to tell. I will say that I was impressed with how fast I received the sea moss. I really appreciate that. Stay tuned...

8oz Wildcraft Sea Moss Gel
Jermaine Sherman

8oz Wildcraft Sea Moss Gel