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Seamoss The Boss LLC

Irish Moss Powder

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A superfood from the ocean! Nourish your inside and out with rich minerals & vitamins.

Low energy? Congested? Good news! Irish moss powder can has come to the rescue.

Customer Reviews

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8oz Wildcraft Sea moss Gel

Overall great experience

Timely shipping! Glass packaging and gel product exactly as I hoped! This seems like the real deal. Thank you!

Bulk Sea Moss
Jacob Pappa
Sea Moss has been a game changer for my health

In my 20s and early 30s I had terrible chronic pain. Cluster headaches and other joint and inflammation pains. Once I figured out my headaches and was able to get off of a bunch of medicines that weren't working, I began moving my body again. I found that I had tons of pain in my knees, ankles, feet, wrists, almost everything. I felt like a 90 year old.
Being on a vegan diet I was researching other health foods and came across Dr. Sebi who recommends Sea Moss for almost everything. Its definitely helped me with inflammation and to fill some gaps in the vegan diet.
Previous supplier for my health food store was replaced and it tastes horrible like pure salt so switched over to Seamoss the Boss. Just ordered the 5lb bulk moss and it was easier than I expected to make the gel.
Thank you!

Great product

I’m from the islands so I know about sea moss. I do feel and see a difference and it’s worth it.

8oz Wildcraft Sea moss Gel
demetrice martin
Saved my life!!

This gel is a lifesaver!!! I even have my 75 year old mom to start taking it, she has no more stomach pain, feet don’t swell anymore, and she has more energy than ever!!!

Bulk Sea Moss

I just received my 100 lbs!! Yay!!! There was a little discrepancy with my post office delivering due to the weight. The owner of this brand contacted me via phone rgt away to ensure there was resolution and that I was satisfied. I am indeed satisfied with the product and his superb customer service!!

Great Product/Great Service

Update!! I received a call from TheBoss himself apologizing for the inconvenience and informing me of the reasoning. It’s great that a CEO will reach out personally to inform and explain processes. Great Guy. I also received my product. ✊🏽🙏🏽💪🏽

Great Save

***update to from my previous review***

Just received my product 🙌🏾
My order hit a little snag when it came to shipping. But the customer service I received was awesome! When I followed up on my order via email the reponse I received was very timely. Mr. Seamossboss himself even followed up with a phone call a few days later to ensure the product was received and undamaged.

Great Product

Definitely recommend giving this product a try. You won’t regret it! I will be shopping here again.

Loved the product in the past.

I’ve ordered from you before and I loved the product from the past. Unfortunately it has 5 days since it was emailed shipped but I still haven’t received my product just yet. I will do a revised review once I have the product.

Never received order

Pretty bummed that I still haven’t received my order, tracking shows a label was created but the product hasn’t actually been received by ups. It’s been 5 days since the label was created 😞

Poor Service

I still have not received my order & it was placed on 08/02/2022. Ive emailed you as well but you wouldn’t get back with me. Poor service. Should I just request a refund?

This is what UPS just informed me.

The sender created a label for your shipment. When we receive the package, we’ll show the shipment progress and scheduled delivery date.

If it’s been a few days since the label was created, check with the sender to determine when the package will be provided to UPS.

If you’re the sender, schedule a pickup or find a drop off location to avoid a pickup fee.

I'm here to help if you have any other questions.

16oz Wildcraft seamoss gel

I never received my product

Hands down best seamoss we’ve tried

My husband has be suffering with an issue with his liver enzymes being elevated, since starting this product his levels have moved into normal range. He takes one spoonful every morning and we have been seeing the results!

convenient for sure

the capsules are good but not a great as the seamoss gel. the capsules have the same effect but just a little lower compared to the gel. overall a good product, if you are starting to get into seamoss i’ll say start on the capsules first for beginners.

Seamoss the boss

I have found this product to be extremely helpful. I recently went through a traumatic experience where my lungs collapsed. Ever since I have experienced a lot of breathing problems until I started taking seamoss I have noticed it helps with my breathing and allergies. Recommended 100 percent!!! Peter G.

Wildcrafter seamoss bulk

Been looking for a good wholesaler for a long time…Ordered 5lbs of seamoss and got it within a few days…real wildcrafted seamoss…no pool grown stuff awesome customer service, seamosstheboss is always available and fast to respond to dms on instagram and email…i can say i found my new supplier now!

Bulk Sea Moss
Shiani Santana
Thanks to Sea Moss Boss For keeping me in business‼️

I’ve owned my sea moss business for over a year now thanks to sea moss the boss. He is the only sea moss supplier I trust with my Sea Moss! He’s Always quick, reliable, & really responsive. The quality of the sea moss is the best! Sea moss the boss works really hard to ensure all his customers are happy and all his products are the best. Thank you for having such a great business.

Never Misses

Hands down from the products to the customer service- Seamoss The Boss never messes and ordering from this company you will take no losses. I have been ordering Seamoss gel from Seamoss Boss for over a year now and my family can’t go without it. Overall, the energy we get from it is revitalizing. It’s also good for your skin (I literally just run the gel on my skin) wash it off of course. Forever a customer. Keep educating/ dropping knowledge on the community!!

Bulk Sea Moss

Amazing product and customer service. Received order in a timely manner and it was packaged very well.

Excellent Products!

I am soo happy with my purchase. Shipping was very fast!

Taking sea moss daily has restored my energy throughout the day and has helped to improve my mood. I’ve also noticed my skin has become more clear! I will certainly be ordering again.

Bulk Sea Moss
The Very Best!

I have been getting my Seamoss since the beginning and Seamosstheboss has never failed me authentically great, my only source and love it!!

Seamoss gel and capsules

The seamoss was the smoothest I have ever had. The capsules work magic my girlfriend suffers from anemia and burns out really fast but ever since she started taking the seamoss capsules she’s been moving much more and longer I appreciate your work

Sipping on it actually now! Lol I love it, taste really pure thanks


This product is amazing. I tap a spoon a day in my salad.